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About US

About US

We, the road paints factory for the industry, strive to be one of the leading producers and manufacturers of high quality thermal road paints materials. The factory for road paints industry is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we strive to meet all the requests of our scientists inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since 2009 we have been through the parent company (Road Utilities Contracting) and we are specialized in implementing thermal road paints and all kinds of road signs and road safety works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the knowledge and experience in the field of thermal road signs, we were able, with the support of our sister company (Road Utilities Contracting), to become in a short time one of the leaders in the thermal road paints industry and gain the confidence and satisfaction of our customers in the region.

We started with the aim of producing the best quality thermal road coating products. We have taken the principle of quality always remain our aim. With our commitment to research and development with our experience and knowledge. With the belief that innovative technology should guarantee reliable products, Research and Development (R&D) plays a crucial role in road paints industry. We have invested heavily in research and development work in our factory to keep pace with emerging technology so that new products can be provided with high-quality features and features.
We’re so busy. We ensure that we provide unique products. The R&D department is moving and working hard to develop products that must be more resistant to weather changes and harsh weather conditions

We have adopted a quality control policy in the road painting factory that you can rely on to ensure consistent quality in our products. We have a complete in-house laboratory to test raw materials and finished products. It is not possible to supply a single batch of any finished product to the market without examination, scrutiny, quality control and approval. Our quality control mechanism ensures that every product that leaves our factory meets or exceeds industry standards for the accuracy, durability, and value of the product. To ensure that the quality control mechanism is successfully implemented, we define customer requirements and ensure that those requirements are met. The quality of our products makes us exclusive and distinguished among others. There is also ongoing training so that the most rigorous testing methods and procedures can be applied in the final product stage.

We are always working hard to improve our products and streamline our operations to maintain our customers’ confidence. So we will use our full knowledge and ability in the continuous development of our products and services.


To be the leading manufacturer of road paints in the region to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Investing our expertise and experience, investing our human resources and capabilities, and employing technology to manufacture high quality thermal road paints, meet the satisfaction of our customers and gain their trust.

Quality standards

We put specifications and standards in the first place. We are working to produce high quality road paints in the region

Our basic principles

1- To implement what we say, and to say what we do.
2- Respecting our agreements and contracts.
3. Always do our best.

Technical support

We are always keen to provide technical support to our valued customers. This will be noticed by all customers, regardless of the size of the transaction, whether large or small.

Competitive prices

We do not focus on high profit or exaggeration and work hard to produce high quality road paints products at competitive prices.